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 Botox continues to grow in popularity, which isn’t surprising given that it’s a quick, safe and effective way to smooth fine lines and wrinkles for more rejuvenated skin. But with its popularity comes a lot of misinformation. If you’re thinking about getting Botox, it’s a good idea to know what is fact and what is fiction when it comes to this procedure.


Myth #1: You’ll see results right away

Fact: Some injectable treatments do offer results immediately, but seeing results from Botox takes time. Botox works when the injection blocks certain nerve signals sent to targeted facial muscles, and it takes a few days for the line and wrinkles created by certain muscle movements to diminish. In general, patients enjoy the results of a Botox injection for approximately three months.


Myth #2: Botox is only good for wrinkles

Fact: Botox was actually originally intended to treat eye spasms and other eye problems. It wasn’t until later that Botox was found to be an effective anti-wrinkle treatment. In addition to its cosmetic benefits, Botox can help reduce symptoms of an overactive bladder, minimize profuse sweating and curb the frequency of migraines.


Myth #3: Botox is risky

Considering that the main ingredient in Botox is a toxin, it makes sense that many people would be leery of trying the procedure. But when it’s done by a trained, experienced physician, Botox injections are very safe. He or she will know precisely where to place the injections and the amount of product to use for best results. 


Myth #4: Botox is a “one and done” procedure

While results typically last about three months, Botox injections do need to be repeated to maintain results. And scheduling follow-up treatments will help you maintain a rejuvenated, youthful appearance.


Myth #5: Once you get Botox, you can’t stop

You don’t have repeat Botox injections if you don’t want to. Perhaps you weren’t happy with the results you got from Botox and want to try another procedure instead. It’s true that your wrinkles won’t be gone forever if you stop treatment, but they won’t get worse. In fact, your wrinkles may be less evident from just the initial procedure.


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