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The ideal look for beautiful healthy skin is a clear radiant even skin tone. When the skin is clear of blemishes it projects a natural healthy radiance. Pigmentation occurs in all of us, these include freckles, discoloured marks or spots, as well as pigmented patches of skin. If you ask most people what they would most like to improve about their skin, the answer will usually involve clearing the complexion of flaws and imperfections, along with making skin tone more even.


With a course of treatments at All About You you will be amazed at just how much you could improve the appearance of your skin. Our cutting edge treatments and  skincare is an extremely popular choice for those who want beautiful clear skin.


Unsightly marks on the skin, aging the appearance of skin, spider veins, age spots, Acne, Acne scar, uneven skin tone and sun damage requiring cost in product to cover up these blemishes and skin that appears older than it should.


We have selection of treatments that are extremely effective at removing various pigmented lesions including birthmarks (café-au-lait, Nevus of Ota), age spots, freckles, and brown spots.


All treatments commence with an Advanced Skin Analysis so we can determine the best treatment plan, your suitability and pre and post treatment care to maximise your results.


  • Clearer, younger looking skin.

  • Removal of age spots, freckles, and brown spots

  • Lower risk of pigmentation growing or turning into a melanoma.

  • Reduction in fine lines to the area.

Requirements to achieve the best results

  • Pre Treatment -  Skin Analysis and use of ASPECTS “Pigment Punch ” serum one week prior to treatment.

  • Post Treatment - ENVIRON “Rad” sunblock and continued use of your ASPECTS “Pigment Punch  ” serum, until the serum has been fully used.

The Science

Freckles, sun spots, port wine marks and skin discolouration are patches of the brown pigment melanin.
Melanin is produced in the skin by cells called Melanocytes. When you get a tan, melanocytes produce more brown pigment to protect your skin, which makes the skin go darker. If you have fairer skin, or sun damage, the brown pigment is more likely to clump together and form freckles. 

The laser targets the unwanted pigment (melanin) and breaks it up into smaller particles that get safely reabsorbed by the body. The number of sessions is typically anywhere from 1-4 sessions.

The laser specifically target melanin in the skin and reduce the appearance of freckles, sun spots, port wine marks and other skin discolouration. The brown pigment absorbs the light energy and converts it to heat energy, and breaks it up into smaller particles that get safely reabsorbed by the body.  


Rosacea after 5 treatments

What does the treatment involve?

It is a prerequisite that you have an Advanced Skin Analysis and patch test prior to commencing treatment. This allows us to select the correct laser and settings to your skin type and how deeply the brown pigment is sitting in your skin, reducing the number of treatments required and the chance of any side affects.

Treatment is surprisingly quick, with even large numbers of brown spots able to be treated in less than 20 minutes. The Erase Nd:YAG laser can effectively remove lentigines and freckles in a single treatment in the majority of cases. E-LITE IPL can also be used.  ELITE-IPL treatment is preferred if other signs of sun-damage are present such as redness or broken capillaries.

While you may see an improvement after one treatment, we usually recommend 3 -  4 treatments to give ideal results. Different parts of your body may require different setting and some may require more treatments than others.

Winter is usually the best time to do pigmentation treatments, as you need to keep the treated areas out of the sun four weeks prior to, and after treatment. We recommend you also use a good sunblock whenever exposing treated areas to sunlight. We recommend Environ "RAD" as it combines Vitamin A to assist the skin healing.

How many treatments will be necessary?

Some types of pigmentation will respond better than others. Lentigines and freckles (superficial brown marks caused by age and/or sun) may only need a single treatment.
Other types may require multiple treatments, particularly deeper pigment spots such as seborrhoeic keratoses, café au lait spots, naevus of Ota and post-inflammatory pigmentation. Some (for example, hormonal pigmentation) can be quite resistant.


What can I expect post-treatment ?

Immediately after your treatment your skin will look pale and slightly swollen.  You may feel hot /sunburnt. Your skin in the area treated may be red and swollen for the rest of the day. The brown spots will darken within a day and should fade over the next 7- 14 days.
Occasionally the area may remain pink for up to 4 weeks and it is possible to have some flaking. This is a normal process as the body works to eliminate the pigmented blemishes.
Protecting your skin from sum exposure is a requirement until the skin is completely healed and the skin colour has returned to normal. 
Follow your skincare specialists advice for homecare, this will vary from client to client.  Please ask your skincare specialist about our DF Vitamin based treatments to help enhance the recovery period.


Will the freckles and age spots disappear completely ?

Yes, in many cases the freckles and age spots can be made to disappear or fade to the point where you are the only person who can find a trace of them, because you know where to look.
Are there any risks to having the treatment ?
In most cases, the laser treatment leads to satisfactory fading or complete removal of the freckles and age spots without significant side effect.
Scarring is rare. Infection is also very rare. Loss of pigment from normal skin is rare and usually minimal.
You can reduce the chance of irregular tanning and reduce the chance that the freckles and age spots may reoccur by protecting the treated area from sun exposure.
Hypopigmentation (skin lightening) or hyperpigmentation ( skin darkening) are quite infrequent and are almost always temporary.


Is Laser better than IPL ?

The best way of answering this question is by saying "what works best for one person isn't necessarily what works best for the next." It is important to have a variety of options available when treating pigmentation problems.
The Gold Standard treatment option for pigment spots is the Q-switched YAG laser. All About You has the latest generation Q-switched ND YAG laser, providing a range of treatment options for both deep and superficial pigment disorders. In addition we have the powerful E-LITE combined IPL +RF system if other signs of sun-damage are present such as redness or broken capillaries..