Permanent Hair Reduction Membership

IPL Permanent Hair Reduction Membership

Achieve the results you have always wanted with our permanent hair reduction memberships. Our fully customisable plans provide a flexible and affordable way to put you in control of your permanent hair reduction. Choose the areas you want to focus on, pay one low monthly fee, and let us focus on you and your results.


Our customised Permanent Hair Reduction Memberships start @ $4.90pw and include:     

  • 15% off facial areas - choose any facial area to include in your plan.
  • 20% off body areas - choose any body area to include in your plan.
  • 5% off the entire Aspect DR™  product range.


Permanent Hair Reduction VIP Club

Spend between $19.25 and $34.60 per week and receive:

  • 1x free 30min Skin Assessment per year
  • 1x free Restore & Repair Facial per year


Spend over $34.60 per week and receive:

  • 1x free 30min Skin Assessment per year
  • 2x free Restore & Repair Facials per year


Area (per session) Normal Price Members Price
Lip $25 $21.25
Chin $35 $29.75
Full Face $85 $72.25
Under Arms $45 $36
Full Brazilian (Female) $95 $76
Bikini $70 $56
G-String Bikini $80 $64
Half Leg (Female) $170 $136
Full Leg (Female) $230 $184
Tummy Line $25 $20
Breast (Nipple) $25 $20
Jaw Line $60 $51
Buttocks $130 $104
Knees $45 $36
Full Leg (Male) $260 $208
Half Leg (Male) $190 $152
IPL Brazilian (Male) $115 $92
Chest $140 $112
Shoulders $120 $96
Upper or Lower Back $160 $128
Full Back $260 $208
Forearms $120 $96
Full Arm $165 $132
Mid Brows $40 $34
Toes/Feet or Hands/Fingers $35 $28


After purchasing your Membership we will book you in for your first appointment. In your second month, and every other month thereafter, we will load 1 treatment onto your account. If you are unable to use the treatment in that month, it will carry over! Your results are important to us, so after 3 months of treatment we will book you in for a consultation to assess how treatment is going. We can then fine tune your treatment plan if required.


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