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CASE STUDY: Observe Analysis

CASE STUDY: Observe Analysis

Welcome to the start of an exciting and liberating experience for a beautiful woman who has agreed to share her journey through the Ultra Care package from our Skin Health Membership program.
If you haven’t had a skin analysis before then you may have been to other beauty clinics before and had treatments that aren’t necessarily helpful, or possibly even harmful, to your individual skin needs. Once you have an Observe Skin Analysis, you will find out what your skin really needs and from there a personalised treatment plan can follow which will give you real results. 
Follow this case study to find see the transformation. 


We’re going to call this lovely lady “Jane” because she wishes to keep her identity private.
Day 1 25/02/17 of the Ultra Care Package from the Skin Health Membership. 



Along the sides of the jaw we are seeing underlying cystic type nodules. In other words, fluid filled lumps under the skin. These will be quite sore to touch. This is a common problem area in hormonal skins and should be treated differently to teenage type breakouts.

There are enlarged pores around the nose.
Quite a lot of general congestion under the skin surface which is also indicating an essential fatty acid deficiency as the oil flow is too thick and is getting stuck in the pores.

12/04/17 AFTER


Here we can see smoother texture of skin.

A big reduction in cystic type nodules around the jawline.
Most of the marks we’re left with is scarring that has developed over the years.
There is still a bit of congestion under surface of the skin. 

Next steps:

The next thing we need to do is working the congestion out and bringing it to the surface.

It can normal to have few breakouts over the next month because we are drawing stuff out of the skin.  Purifying treatments like mild peeling, extractions and peeling light therapy will help to control this.


Once we have this under control, we’ll start working on the scarring with treatments focused on vitamin A and dermal needling. 

What we know NOT to do: ( people can damage their skin if they haven’t had a skin analysis because they simply don’t know what their skin does and doesn’t actually need)

Micro dermabrasion and over exfoliation of the skin will actually dry it out even more risking delayed healing and scarring. This isn’t oil type acne, it’s a very dry type of acne and the skin needs as much good oil and water as it can get to help the process of the skin to self exfoliate.  
Skin not quite ready for needling and aggressive product. There is a lot of inflammation. If we broke the skin it could spread acne type infection and have a harder time healing. We need to get control of it first, and prepare the skin prior to any needling processes.
When we break the skins surface it exposes skin to more pathogens from environment, leaving skin more open to infections. We are protecting and rebuilding the skin now so it can grow and heal better. It needs a bit of guidance and nurturing at this stage. 

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