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Our Radiant Smile Triple Whitening treatment is our most popular service, consisting of three 20-minute application cycles in a single session.

This intensive whitening session is specially designed to target and eliminate even the toughest of stains, leaving you with instant and remarkable results.

Walk out with a luminous, glowing smile that will light up any room.

Please keep in mind that this appointment may take up to 1 hour and 30 minutes to ensure the best possible outcome for your teeth.

Say hello to a brighter, more confident you with Radiant Smile Triple Whitening!

Experience the pinnacle of teeth whitening with our UltraWhitening 4x treatment.

This premium service offers not one, not two, but four 20-minute application cycles in a single session. Our advanced formula is specially formulated to target and eradicate even the most stubborn stains, ensuring you leave with a radiant, gleaming smile that truly stands out.

While this comprehensive treatment may take up to 2 hours, the results are well worth it, as you'll achieve a level of whiteness that's simply unparalleled.

Elevate your smile to its ultimate potential with UltraWhitening 4x!

Maintain your pearly whites with our white-for-life! This is designed to protect your results and help with any stain regression you may have had from your previous session.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, not everyone. However, it may be assumed that our teeth whitening will have its effect for 90% of users. Nursing or pregnant woman should not engage in dental bleaching. People who have had recent dental surgery, or suffer gingivitis should also avoid this treatment.

You will see a noticeable improvement after your first 20-minute treatment. How stained your teeth are to begin with and the desired whiteness that you would like to achieve will determine how many treatments you will need to have. For best results (5-14 shades lighter) we recommend four 20-minute treatments in the same session.

Your teeth have become stained in the first place due to lifestyle, whether by consuming certain foods, beverages or smoking. With the proper care, our treatment can last for years.

i) The ingredients and application protocol is very similar to what dentists use, but administered at a safe and effective dose to be used by beauty professionals. It is a salon professional and salon affordable treatment, administered in a controlled environment.

ii) The hydrogen peroxide is a very active ingredient, formulated with the highest quality standards and stability assured with our special dual barrel system. The Cosmetic Bright system is designed to help rebuild enamel and reduce risk of sensitivity, while giving great easy and fast results.

Laser treatments are administered by dentists. The concentration of hydrogen peroxide is a lot stronger and the procedure generally takes 1-1½ hours. Laser treatments are very effective but can also be invasive and costly.

Our formulation of hydrogen peroxide is non-acidic and breaks down into oxygen and water to ensure safe penetration of the tooth enamel to find stains and oxidise them clear. Our treatment ensures a precise level of dosing which combined with its unique formulation prevents potential gum irritation and tooth sensitivity.

Only natural tooth structure will whiten. Dental restorations such as crown, veneers, etc. will not lighten beyond their original shade. Our treatment will help restore them to their original shade.

The teeth become quite porous during the whitening process so they are more likely to uptake any stains ingested. For best results try to avoid any food or drink which could stain for 24 hours.

These types of stains are generally more difficult to whiten and will generally require more treatments than average. Whilst our treatment will definitely improve and boost the whiteness of these teeth you may wish to consult your dentist about veneers.

White spotting is usually the result of fluorosis or calcium deposits. This treatment will not remove these, however, it will whiten the surrounding teeth which may balance out your overall teeth colouring.

Some people experience temporary tooth sensitivity or nonspecific low sensitivity in their gums, lips or tongue. In most cases these symptoms are considered minor and will subside within a day.