Membership Terms and Conditions

All About You Membership Terms and Conditions
  1. To join I must complete the Application form, the Direct Debit form and make payment for the first month of my selected plan. Please note: If joining the Essential Care Plan, I will be required to pay the first two months upon sign up.
  2. My membership does not have an end date whereby each month the payment is debited on the 10th or 15th and is only dis-continued upon notification of cancellation of my membership plan. However, I must sign up for a minimum period of 3 months before any cancellation of my membership will be accepted.
  3. I will receive a number of membership treatments as defined by my plan selected. These treatments are not transferrable and have no monetary value and cannot be refunded.
  4. If I wish to purchase additional treatments, over and above my membership treatments, then I can purchase these at the membership discounted rate.
  5. All About You 2016 Limited reserves the right to change membership terms and conditions from time to time and the new terms will be posted on our website and will be available in clinic.
  6. All About You 2016 Limited may cancel, or revoke a membership at any time for any reason.
  7. The Beauty Care membership will not be rolled over to the next month if treatments are unused.
  1. Pricing of our Memberships can be found on our website located at The price that we will charge you for the Membership will be the price as posted on the site on the date you first sign up for a Membership. All About You 2016 Limited reserves the right to change prices for Memberships at any time, however the increase will only apply to existing Members on renewal of their membership.
  1. I must pay one months’ membership fee along with my application form (I must pay two months if joining the Essential Care Plan)
  2. I understand that on the 10th or the 15th of each month my bank account will be debited for the membership plan I have selected.
  3. If my monthly DD or CC has failed, a processing fee of $30.00 will be charged and my membership suspended until paid.
Cancellation Policy
  1. If I am dissatisfied with my membership plan for any reason, I may cancel my membership giving 14 days written notice directly to All About You 2016 Limited at the email address .
  2. I understand that there is no early termination fee, however if I have used my membership treatments in advance, I will pay for these at the members’ rate on cancellation of my membership.
  3. I understand that I must sign up for my membership for a minimum period of 3 months before any cancellation of a membership will be accepted.
Members Discounts
  1. The members discount is applied to the standard listed treatment price, at the time of the treatment and does not apply to already discounted services, promotions or specials. The discount does not apply to the purchase of any retails products, gift vouchers or other products.
Making a Referral
  1. Members can refer Prospective Members. To earn one (1) months credit the Member must be listed as the referrer, along with the Members membership form, at the time the Prospective Member completes their Application and Direct Debit forms. All About You 2016 Limited will not accept referrals after the membership application forms have been completed.
  2. A Qualified Referral means that all following conditions are met:

- The Prospective Member completed the registration process for a Membership and listed the Member as the referrer.

-The Prospective Member was not previously registered with the My Skin Health Plan under any other email address or alias and The Prospective Member purchased at the same level or above the Members My Skin Health Plan.

-The Prospective Member meets the eligibility requirements to become a Member of the My Skin Health Plan programme and has consented to receiving communications from All About You 2016 Limited.

- The Prospective Member must sign up for a membership for a minimum period of 3 months before any cancellation will be accepted for the one (1) credit to be loaded to the Members membership.

Earning Credits
  1. Member shall receive one (1) months’ Credit to their membership for each verified Qualified Referral. The actual Credit will be determined by the membership plan that the member is on.
  2. The one month credit will be applied to the Members membership.
  3. Credits have absolutely no monetary value and may not be redeemed for cash or refunds. All About You 2016 Limited may cancel or revoke the credit at any time for any reason.