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Frequently asked questions

At All About You we use revolutionary ‘in motion’ technology in permanent hair reduction. Our SHR IPL machines are a much safer and faster method than traditional IPL and Laser treatment.

The ‘in motion’ technology gently warms the skin and penetrates the energy down to the hair follicles at cooler temperatures than traditional IPL treatments. 50% is transported to the hair root through short pulses of energy via the melanin in the hair follicle and 50% from ‘in motion’ technology using multiple shots at low joules (low joules energy with higher rate of repetition).

The cooler temperatures of our SHR IPL machines help make this a safer, pain free method of hair reduction.

You may experience some tingling or warming sensation as the SHR arm is passed over treatment areas, and most of our clients say it’s a “relaxing experience”! It beats waxing any day of the week!

For best results a minimum of at least 6–10 treatments are recommended for each treatment area at intervals of:

– 2 to 4 weeks for treatments on face.
– 4 weeks for treatments on body.

During your consultation you will receive a treatment and maintenance plan, plus pre and post care for each session. Please note, because everyone is different and we take skincare seriously, the number of treatments required will vary for each individual.

IPL Permanent Hair Reduction Non-Member Pricing

Includes test patch