Let Your Skin Blossom This Spring

Spring and Your Skin. Spring is upon us we find ourselves excited at the prospect of warm sunny days, leaving behind the gloominess of winter. However, we have to stop and think of how this change in the weather affects our skin and daily skincare routines, and that it is not just about applying our sunscreen more frequently... Trans Epidermal Water Loss is one of the main causes of premature aging, breakouts and dull or tired looking skin. This means that water evaporates freely from the surface of your skin causing skin dehydration, and it is far more likely to occur in the warmer spring weather than in the colder winter months. With water being the catalyst of all other activity in your skin, it is not only important that you drink enough water to keep your skin hydrated, but also that you supplement with Omega 3 and 6 Essential Fatty Acids to help your skin retain the water that you drink. Reason being that your skin cells receive nutrients and active ingredients through a process called Osmosis, which roughly translated is the process of water traveling into the cells through water permeable cell membranes. In between our cells is a fluid known as Interstitial fluid which mainly consists of water. The active ingredients in our skin care products, as well as in nutrients consumed, travel via the interstitial fluid into our cells, meaning that if our skin is not hydrated, none of our skin cells can function optimally...Thus skin problems occur. My go to skin care product to make sure my skin stays healthy and hydrated this spring is Bestow Beauty Oil, which offers a blend of cold-pressed organic Flax seed and Safflower oil that is formulated to deliver the best balance of healthy fats for clear, glowing skin. Also a recent favorite of mine is Dermatherapie’s Derma Hydrate vitamin B serum which is formulated with a combination of B-Vitamins for intense repair and anti-aging properties, and the added benefits of the Hyalgae complex for softening and in-depth hydration. Using these products as part of a good skincare routine will ensure that my skin stays happy, glowing and healthy as the beautiful spring days.

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