The effect of cooler temperatures on our skin

With winter on its way it is sadly time to pack up our sandals and sundresses and once again dig out sweaters and boots! It is important to know that we need to switch our skin care routine just as we change our wardrobe. Specifically to protect the skin against the environmental changes which impact the way our skin behaves. In the fall/winter season, the air turns drier and this affects our skin. We are prone to more dryness and flakiness so we need to start using richer, high-performance moisturizers that provide deep hydration and long-lasting moisture. It’s time to step it up a notch as weather can certainly have an effect on our skin, particularly its ability to retain moisture. So if you find your skin to be drying out more than usual in the winter, it could be because you’re in need of a cleanser that will be a little gentler on your skin. As well as a booster for your skin that might add a little extra hydration and nourishment. My favourite skin booster for winter is definitely Aspect dr Hyaluronic Serum. A unique blend of hyaluronic acid that effectively replenishes the skins moisture content. It is suitable for reactive, inflamed skin concerns, dry, flaky or sensitised skin. Its the perfect skin pick me up!

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