Autumn skin and the importance of regular facials using Environ Skincare

Summer has left us behind and we are well into Autumn, with the mornings becoming chillier and our nights a little cosier. 


The change in season brings a change in our skin, as moisture levels adjust and our lifestyles slowly adapt. Just like pulling out warmer layers, we must make small changes to our skincare “wardrobe” to ensure those crucial pillars are being met: hydration, exfoliation, nourishment, and treatment.


You may find that your skin becomes a little dryer the further away we get from Summer, with some visible patchiness and a dull appearance. If you have sensitive skin, you may find that flare-ups occur more regularly, bringing redness, dryness, and discomfort. Or, if the Summer months have been full of celebrations, late nights, champagne, and treats, you may be feeling like your skin needs a little boost in the nutrition department! 


Luckily, the transition between summer and autumn isn't a hugely drastic one, so a few little tweaks in your routine should bridge the gap and give you glowing, soft, and comfortable skin. 


As well as adding a little more moisture and emollience with a richer face cream, one of the best ways to nourish your skin into Autumn is booking a regular facial. If your skin is dehydrated, tired, or inflamed, it simply requires more TLC than your regular skincare routine can offer.


Our Environ Essential treatments and Cool Peel treatments are curated to treat specific skin concerns during a 50-minute session. We love our Environ treatments and products as they are developed with a very scientific approach, in other words...they are designed to work and garner visible results.


For skin that is struggling with the drying effects of a new season, the Environ Moisture Boost packs the dermal layers with hyaluronic acid to "top up" the stores. This is the one for you if you're craving that plump, full, hydrated look and feel. For angry skin that is retaliating with redness and discomfort, the Environ Comfort Calm could not be a better option. It gives the skin the "chill out" treatment with soothing ingredients that reduce inflammation and alleviate that "sting" associated with sensitive skin flare-ups. 


Sometimes, acne-prone skin can experience extra breakouts when the skin becomes dryer due to seasonal changes. This is because there are extra layers of dead, dry skin to clog pores and disrupt the flow of sebum. To clear away these unwanted layers and allow new, glowing skin to shine, the Environ Deep Cleansing or Blemish Control Cool Peels are ideal. These help you to manage your skin more effectively at home and prepare your skin to best absorb your products. 

Our expert therapists use special tools and techniques to gently buff the skin, boost circulation, and help the active ingredients to work their magic deep in your skin's layers. Come in and have a chat so we can help you figure out the best treatment for your Autumn complexion. We can discuss product combinations, routines, and craft an action plan to get the most out of your skin as we fly through Autumn toward winter.

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