I recently attended a talk given by Justine Jones, a Dunedin-based physiotherapist who specialises in the BradCliff method of breathing. I was completely inspired by Justine’s message and I want to share her pearls of wisdom with you because I didn’t realise how much breathing properly could do to support both your physical and your emotional health. So this is the first in a series of blogs on the Beauty of Breathing.

There is growing evidence to suggest that breathing correctly can burn fat, make your skin glow, help balance out your hormones and support your overall health. So with all the benefits it certainly makes sense to spend a bit of time getting your breathing right.

It is becoming more evident that incorrect breathing can impact very negatively on your health and be the underlying cause of many health issues.

The way you breathe could be responsible for many of the following symptoms.
The obvious ones like:
• Feelings of ‘ air hunger’
• Breathing discomfort
• Frequent sighing and yawning

The less obvious:

• Disturbed sleep
• Upset digestion
• Feeling tired all the time
• Pins and needles
• Shattered confidence
• Clammy hands
• Feeling irritable, anxious or upright
• Erratic heart rate, chest pains or dizzy spells (check with your doctor if you experience these symptoms)

Check out the blog next week for tips to check out how you breathe…

- Janine Tait, Bestow, http://www.bestowbeauty.com/03/the-beauty-of-breathing/


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