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My Experience - Endermologie Slimming and Anti Ageing Treatments

This & That editor Karen shares her experience with the new Endermologie Anti-Ageing Facial and Slimming Body treatments.  Find out what she thinks.....


Christchurch’s leading MediSpa, All About You, the science of skincare when you are serious about results. Clinic owner, Tracy Ahern, is celebrating 16 years in business and continually brings new state-of–the art equipment to her award winning clinic offering her clients the latest in skincare research for greater results.

All About You Beauty Clinic guarantee that they will give you an experience like none other. I thought there is only one way to find out, as you must first experience the latest technology to really appreciate the benefits. So off I went to All About You where I did experience this amazing new age technology first hand.


What I am talking about is the new Endermologie treatments available now at All About You.

Lipomassage to slim, firm, resculpt and smooth your body….releases fat and firms wherever you want.

Endermolift toning and firming anti-ageing face treatments that uplift resulting in a facelift without the surgery.

Endermolift Facial a 100% natural anti-aging technique to redensify the skin deep down and erase the signs of aging…to improve and sustain your skins youthfulness, it is face slimming, eyelifting and an anti wrinkle treatment.

Endermolift offers immediate results, including a healthy glow and a natural smoothing lifting effect – results add up from each session to fill in wrinkles, redefine contours and clarify the complexion. Leaving you to look yourself, only younger and without the frozen facial expressions. With age, collagen and elastin production decrease and skin becomes thinner resulting in sagging skin and wrinkles as the visible signs of aging.  Endermolift LPG patent technology of ROLL and LIFT treatments sends a signal deep into targeted cells to reactivate their natural activity.

Jacqui, one of the senior therapists, at All About You explained the treatment to me. With her vast knowledge and expertise she could answer any question I had.

I was given a full consultation with before measurements and photos and determined which areas of concern I had so an appropriate treatment plan could be worked out for my individual needs.

Endermologie Lipomassage is not invasive, it doesn’t have to go into the deeper tissue, it doesn’t hurt and it gives quicker results. The Endermologie machine head is fitted with a series of rollers and suction that deeply massages and extracts. The massage was so relaxing and enjoyable that I struggled not to drift off to sleep but Jacqui said it wasn’t unusual for people to do so. Lets face it who wouldn’t be in their happy place having a massage that targets stubborn fat areas and releases the fat as well as toning and smoothing the cellulite.

Jacqui explained they recommend and promote a complete healthy lifestyle balance and for the best results Endermologie Lipomassage should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet, regular exercise and drinking lots of water. Usually between 6 – 12 treatments is recommended, some people see a significant change after one treatment. This makes it the perfect quick fix before a wedding or special event to refresh, plump out and tone the face and sculpt and reshape the body.

Tracy fully trialed the machine on herself and she looks absolutely amazing, young, youthful full of energy and she went down two dress sizes. The fat cells shrink about 70% which is a huge result and clients are reporting increased energy from the lymphatic drainage, the areas of the body that they had concerns with are lifting, toning and reshaping. It is fantastic for women after giving birth, it is stress relieving and helps with the baby weight/fluid retentionwhich have caused figure changes, as well as improving new caesarian scars..

Lipomassage is a 100% natural slimming technique that permanently eliminates stubborn fat that is resistant to exercise and dieting. Lipomassage is for men and women who despite a healthy lifestyle often store more than they eliminate – these fatty areas can often be resistant to physical exercise and diets. Excellent for stubborn fat areas such as love-handles, saddlebag thighs and areas that are riddled with cellulite or if you have lost weight and want to firm and tone the skin the results are rapid, risk-free and painless without having to undergo surgery.

Gunnar Peterson personal trainer to some of the most famous celebrities…Penelope Cruz, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopaz – calls the Lipomassage his secret weapon for those stubborn, resistant areas and fantastic for shaping the perfect ‘BUTTOCKS.’ With nicer days coming say hello to short pants and skirts. You oh so want to but wouldn’t dare because you feel your buttocks is too flat, too soft, or too much cellulite. DON’T PANIC – there is a solution to every problem at All About You. With combined Lipomassage and Power Plate Vibration Program it can help you get rid of the flabby buttocks to a firm curved buttocks with a nice bounce and smooth skin…just like JLo.


For best results exercise is recommended soon after your treatment. To make it easy for their clients All About You have also added a Power Plate Whole Body Vibration Machine so you can leave there with your exercise all done.

With a hectic work and family schedule, using the Power Plate machine helps you stay in shape without having to spend hours in a gym – it is a fast and effective workout. Whole Body Vibration systems workout the muscles just like a normal workout, but in an accelerated amount of time.

Adding Power Plate will help you feel the immediate benefits and create a well-balanced program. The very experienced team of therapists can work out a program and are there to get the best results for you.

For me I noticed immediately how soft and smooth my skin was and still a week later I can’t help but run my hand over my face. It feels so lovely and soft just like a baby’s. I loved the deep massage and the way my body felt and to be able to leave there with my daily exercise all done on the Power Plate was awesome. For busy people this is such a godsend to have a one stop shop where you can tick some many things off your to do list in one hit. I had an amazing night’s sleep after the treatment so I can’t wait for my next appointment.

All About You MediSpa… the science of skincare when you are serious about results.


Courtesy This & That Magazine. 

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