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There are those who have a BSc who understand what all the long words mean in a moisturiser. But this shouldn't be the case - beauty should be simple! 

Science-based skincare rarely comes cheap. You can expect to pay $100-plus for an anti-ageing serum from a brand 
that considers itself to be entry-level prestige. True prestige can cost upwards of $300.

Price is certainly not the only indicator of efficacy - great products exist at both ends of the price spectrum. But, generally, cost is influenced by the quality of ingredients, access to the latest technological advances and the feel-good factor luxury brands promote so well.

It isn't new, it isn't sexy, but it's still a superstar. It's called retinol, or Vitamin A. First introduced into skincare 40 or so years ago under the brand name Retin-A, retinol is the name of the type of vitamin A commonly used in over-the-counter anti-ageing products.

Gentler than retinoic acid (found in prescription skincare) but gruntier than the pro-retinols (found in cheaper/readily available skincare), retinol is one of the world's best-researched skincare ingredients (found in salon only skincare). 

Why? Because it works.

When retinol is applied to the skin, it breaks down into retinoic acid, a compound that can interrupt the free-radical chain of events that causes skin to wrinkle. Known as a cell-communicating ingredient, it will join up with almost any skin cell and start instructing it to behave like a healthy, young one.

This bossy behaviour is exactly what we want; healthy cells don't give in to wrinkles, blotches and sagginess.


Those familiar with vitamin A products know that they can make your skin slightly flushed and drier than usual. This usually goes away after two to three weeks. If you are worried you can ease into it, applying a retinol cream every second or third night for three weeks.

Environ has adopted another method of introducing Vitamin A, which has been proven to be the most effective. Each of the 5 steps in the AVST and C-Quence range contains a different form of vitamin A, starting low and building up to high levels. Think of it like marathon training, you wouldn't run 42km with no training! 



Using Environ AVST, it can take Months. As much as we might like immediate gratification when it comes to wrinkles and sun damage, few skin care products deliver instantly. What you are looking for are benefits that start deep within the skin - at a cellular level - and it takes time for those benefits to show.

If you are looking for quicker results and don't mind paying a little extra, Environ C-Quence range will decrease your waiting time by 33%. Described as the Rolls Royce of skincare, the C-Quence range combines Vitamins A, C and E alongside peptides to help combat the signs of aging!

       Before: Wrinkles, pigmentation         After: 6 months using C-Quence range

Due to these high levels of Vitamin A compared to Department Store brands, a skincare specialist will need to ask you a few questions before selling you the products. You will always need to start on the lowest level if you haven't used Vitamin A before. 


Depending on the strength of the vitamin A and your own personal chemistry, you can use your product twice a day. Environ products are designed to be used as a moisturiser, so can be used both morning and night. 

If you find you are getting slightly irritated or red, ease into the product by only using it overnight, then build up to using it twice a day. 


Yes and No. A mechanical exfoliator (scrubs) will sleuth away some of the dead skin cells that remain on the surface of your skin. A Chemical exfoliator (glycolic and lactic acids) break down the bonds between the dead cells, allowing the excess to be washed away with the exfoliant. Vitamin A improves the cell turnover, and once high levels of vitamin A are present, there isn't a need for an exfoliant since the cells will turn over more rapidly. 

There is also evidence that combining retinol with an AHA exfoliant significantly improves its effectiveness.


It isn't all you need. Vitamin A will increase cell turnover, decreasing dryness and therefore wrinkles. Vitamin C is also great as it is needed in the production of collagen and elastin, which we all know to be the anti-aging cells. Luckily, Environ products contain both of these vitamins, alongside vitamin E for added hydration and peptides to aid in anti-aging. 

       Before: concerned with wrinkles

  After: 6 months using C-Quence Eye Gel


Come in for a free consult for more information and to get started on your road to a younger, more beautiful you!


Some material taken from Fairfax Media NZ via www.stuff.co.nz


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