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Refreshing Coola Water Mist Organic Face Sunscreen SPF18

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Mist away and reset the day with our breakthrough Refreshing Water Mist  SPF 18 sunscreen. This alcohol-free formula infuses organic aloe and coconut water with our plant-derived Full Spectrum 360° technology to help mitigate the effects of today’s modern skin aggressors, including HEV light (aka blue light), IR, and pollution. Featuring a blend of antioxidants and Indian Jasmine plant stem cells, our weightless Water Mist helps keep you hydrated, refreshed, and protected no matter where your day takes you.

• 70%+ certified organic ingredients
• Broad-spectrum SPF 18 to refresh to your base sun protection throughout the day
• Alcohol-free
• Plant-derived Full Spectrum 360° complex helps mitigate the effects of HEV blue light, IR, and pollution
• Hydrating and refreshing
• Organic coconut and aloe water
• Reef-Friendly / Vegan / Cruelty-Free / Gluten-Free