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Aspect Super PD Complex 30ml

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Defending your skin from the signs of premature ageing, Aspect Super Serum offers a smart blend of actives that helps you prevent photodamage in a formulation that is suited even to delicate, post-procedure skin. Ideal as a starting point into antioxidant protection, or for regular users of antioxidants who have recently been exposed to photodynamic skin treatments

A combination of enzymes, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid work together to supercharge your skincare routine. Aspect Super Serum is a gentle yet effective serum for healthier skin that glows.

An antioxidant boosting serum

Created for all skin types including sensitive

An option suitable even for post-procedure skin

Helps to address and prevent ageing and pigmentation concerns

Works well as an entry point into regular antioxidant serum use

A very lightweight serum-lotion, feels like nothing on the skin

Assists the skin in recovering from skin procedures

Hyaluronic acid to plump and help the skin retain moisture

Enzymes support the skin in recovery and defense

Botanical amino acid - L-ergothioneine - minimises damage to skin cells when exposed to the environment

Gentle without compromising on your results, Aspect Super PD Complex helps to even the skin’s tone. This includes both calming redness with active botanical Evodia Ruteacarpa, which speeds recovery from redness and irritation, and defending you from pigmentation with antioxidants.