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My Carbon Laser Rejuvenation Experience

To best describe the Carbon Laser Rejuvenation treatment I am going to share my experience. 

To best describe the Carbon Laser Rejuvenation treatment I am going to share my experience. 

( Ok the above images is not me....I wish!...mine are below) Having been involved with the Beauty Industry for 31 years, I feel as though I have seen everything and honestly I am a sceptic, when “new” information passes my desk.  Often what’s new is the ”same old”  repackaged another way.
When I initially received information on the Carbon Laser treatment, the facial treatment appeared to offer so much that again I was sceptical,  whilst I was overseas last year I trialed the treatment and set about doing some more research. 

I was pleasantly surprised, as I have sensitive skin, I was concerned about what the laser would do to my skin.  As it turned out I had no reason to worry, there is no pain or downtime with this treatment, my skin looked plump, even in tone, oily spots gone, settled and glowing at the end of the treatment. I was so impressed that I bought the product and equipment and we have been training over the Christmas period and now have this treatment available for you.
This treatment is truly the NEW all in one treatment, combining the equivalent of a microdermabrasion, peel, lightening of the skin, reduction of unsightly pigment and scarring, and collagen induction ( anti-ageing) all in an hour. It's also a powerful treatment, the equivalent of four medical peels in one treatment - which really provides immediate results, again with no downtime or pain normally associated with laser skin treatments.  Until now we have struggled to provide our darker skin types with an effective facial skin treatment , for skins up to a Fitzpatrick of 4 this treatment is perfect, and will tick all the boxes.  
Below are a few photos from my latest Carbon Laser Rejuvenation Treatment.
I did find the removal of the carbon a wee bit invasive, it gives you a fright more than anything.  Other than that I was able to relax and enjoy...and that is amazing in itself.


  • For All skin types - even dark skin!
  • Anti-ageing and rejuvenation treatment
  • A quick pick-me-up prior to a special occasion
  • Very good acne and oily skin treatment
  • Great for whitening and reducing pigmentation, sun-spots etc

There is definitely gain without pain for this skin treatment so do take advantage of our introductory special - details below.

 To learn more about the this treatment - click here

 This is Me!!

The treatment - and no pain.  Amazing.

 Before Treatment waiting for the Carbon liquid to dry..

I'm ready...



After - a little carbon under the eyes to wash off but no Erythema ( reddening and inflammation)


For further details about the Carbon Laser Rejuvenation treatment - click here

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