Embrace the flush!


Nicain (Vitamin B3) is an important nutrient that is vital for over 50 different processes in our body and it is an ingredient in our BEAUTY FROM BENEATH capsules. It is also a wonderful vaso-dilator, opening up all our blood vessels, in particular, the peripheral capillaries that feed and nuture our skin.

When some very sensitive people first start taking supplements containing niacin they can experience a temporary flushing effect known as the “Niacin Flush”.  Within an hour of taking the supplement their skin can start to get a prickling or tingling sensation, it then turns pink and warm. It generally starts in the scalp, face and ears and can spread down the body. Some people can even experience it on their chest and the insides of their elbows. Rarely, some people may experience a flush to their entire body.

The flushing can last from around ten minutes to thirty minutes but could last for an hour in some cases. Remember, even if the flushing is extreme, though uncomfortable, it will go away and it is actually very good for you. Bruno, the very clever formulator of the Beauty from Beneath said to me that it allows blood to flow where it may not have flowed for a while! We could all do with that especially as we get older because a reduction of blood flow is a major factor in the aging of the skin. 
If you take your supplement after a meal (in other words, on a full stomach) it will help reduce the chance of this occurring. It is also helpful to drink extra water which can help reduce the flush sensation.
In a short time your body gets used to a specific dose of niacin and at some point (usually within a week) it will no longer happen. But keep in mind that if you increase your niacin intake again, you could experience the flush until your body gets used to the new level.
We include only very small amounts of niacin in the Beauty from Beneath to help deliver nutrients to the skin. Therefore, a niacin flush is not common. However, it pays to let your client know about this phenomenon to prevent them becoming concerned if it does occur.

There are many health benefits to a supplement containing nicain. Among these are the increased delivery of oxygen, fluids and nutrients to all organs (including our skin). Because of this benefit, niacin has been used to help treat circulatory disease, high cholesterol levels and neurological problems for many years.
Have a lovely start of spring week!

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