Micro needling, aka Collagen Induction Therapy or Dermal rolling has become the in treatment for 2015. It been a medical breakthrough as it can induce collagen without injuring the top layer of your skin, but best of all you can extend the benefit of in clinic treatments, at home, any time.

 All About You offer micro-needling with the exclusive technology of Dermapen This pen shaped device contains 36 fine needles used to introduce controlled wounds to the skin’s surface breaking down old scar tissue while stimulating skin cells to proliferate. Dermpen activates cellular regeneration to help tighten and lift skin, while minimising common skin problems such as acne scars, fine lines, photo-aging, dull skin, poor texture, stretch marks and body scars.

10 Benefits can experience from Dermapen treatments:

  1. Facial Rejuvenation– Micro-Needling with Dermapen can significantly improve a number of skin conditions on the face by producing natural collagen and elastin including fine lines, wrinkles, Crow’s feet, and sagging or thinning skin. A series of micro-needling treatments can help tighten and thicken skin reducing natural, visible signs of aging.
  2. Hand Rejuvenation– Similar to facial rejuvenation, micro-needling can improve skin appearance on your hands by triggering elastin and collagen growth reducing wrinkles, age or sun spots.
  3. Neck Rejuvenation– Along with the hands, the neck is one of the first places to show signs of aging. Micro-Needling can tighten loose skin around the neck while also reducing the appearance of sun damaged skin on the neck.
  4. Minimise Scars– Micro-Needling has been proven to improve or even diminish most types of scarring including acne and surgical scarring. The Dermapen has the ability to break up old scar tissues stimulating the production of new collagen leading to new, healthy skin.
  5. Reduce Stretch Marks– Stretch marks are generally harder to treat than scarring but their appearance can be minimized with a series of micro-needling treatments. The Dermapen breaks down stretch mark tissue and the renewed collagen can help to reduce and fade stretch marks over time.
  6. Even Out Hyperpigmentation– Acne, wounds and overexposure to the sun can lead to hyperpigmentation in the skin. Micro-needling can help shed the top layer of skin leaving behind a more even complexion with fewer Photo-aging (sun spots) and dark spots.
  7. Diminish Age Spots– Similar to how the Dermapen would treat hyperpigmentation, by helping to shed the top layer of skin age spots fade away as the cell turnover creates a new top layer of healthy skin.
  8. Soothe Rosacea– Rosacea is caused by hypersensitivity of the blood vessels in your face and long-term rosacea can minimize collagen in the skin. There are numerous contributing factors to this skin condition making it often hard to dissipate. By producing a significant amount of collagen with micro-needling, hypersensitivity of the blood vessels is decreased therefore soothing redness.
  9. Minimize Enlarged Pores– Enlarged pores around the nose and cheeks are often reduced as a result of the improved texture that surfaces with the increase in collagen post treatment.
  10. Decrease Hair Loss– Decrease certain types of hair loss by stimulating hair follicles and allowing for the improved absorption of topical products to improve hair growth.

The Dermapen can be used to treat a multitude of skin conditions. At All About You we approach each client on an individual basis and prepare treatment recommendations based upon the severity of each situation. 


Each Dermapen treatment cost $299.95 per session but we are offering a Buy 1 + 1 package for one week.  Buy 1 treatments and received another free.  Don’t miss this opportunity to soothe, tone, tighten, and lift trouble spots before the arrival of summer.


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