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Food For Courage


I know this sounds a little odd! 

How can food give you more courage? 

Well that's exactly what happened to one of my Executive Coaching Clients. I had such a powerful call with her today that I'd love to share it with you. 

You see it takes a lot of guts, effort and determination to make changes and get real results. By making the decision to start eating more health-fully and adjusting food habits this awesome lady found a lot of other things started to happen. 

By making changes and sticking to them, her body not only started to feel better - so did her mind. 

She's become more confident, and her new-found courage is helping her to stick to her guns and embrace her new healthy life style.  

We all have set backs and there's time where we simply crave some 'comfort food'. Which is why I want to share my recent blog post so you can do this with a clear consciense. Check it out HERE 

Although the nights are still nippy, I trust you're enjoying the sunny days and your vitamin D top-up this weekend 

With sunshine, 

Fi :) 


Fi Jamieson-Folland D.O

Executive LifeStyle Consultant


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