Get better buttocks for this summer

Finally, nicer days are coming! Goodbye trousers and woollen tights, hello short pants and skirts!  You want to but you don’t dare because you feel that your buttocks are either too flat, too soft, too round or abound with cellulite? There is a solution to each problem, so don’t panic! Action-reaction! 

My buttocks are too round 
You have generous buttocks and you want to reduce their volume? Combining sports with a balanced diet is the basis to adopt to quickly and durably reach this objective.Running is often recommended but concentrates fat loss on the arms and chest area more than on the buttocks. Fortunately, the new Fat Burning from Power Plate allows you to target your resistant fat and burn it in record time.

My buttocks are too flat
Your buttocks are as flat as pancakes? To give them some volume and a nice bounce, the only solution is to practice sports again. Favoring sports such as aquabiking and aquagym that strengthen massage and drain at the same time. Too hard? Do some abdominals/buttocks exercises, in classes or at home through online videos. Just 30 minutes, two to three times a week and the results will be self-evident. Power Plate will also help you through the Sport protocols that deeply re-develop small, medium and large buttocks’ muscles.

My buttocks are flabby and I have cellulite!
Cellulite keeps you from feeling good in your skin? Get a smooth skin and curved buttocks with the winning combination: sports and Lipomassage. Aqua-biking, aqua-running or swimming are sports to favor because they burn fat and have an effect on blood circulation and water retention, causing cellulite. 

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