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Prepare your skin for winter

Prepare your skin for winter

As the colder seasons come around, here are some steps toward refreshing your skincare routine for a healthy, glowing complexion.

As much as we'd like to deny it, winter is usually accompanied by comfort foods combined with exposure to central heating and harsh weather, which can all take its toll on your complexion, leaving it looking dull and dry.

As seasons change, so do the needs of your skin - and by making a few tweaks, we can step into the new season with a brighter, healthier complexion.

Scrub to renew

"The skin - like all our organs - slows down during winter as the body conserves energy, decrease in cell renewal can give the complexion a rough, lifeless appearance."

Exfoliation will bring skin back to life. Dermatologists swear by alpha or beta hydroxy-acids - such as glycolic and salicylic acid - which dissolve dead cells and make way for the fresher skin beneath.

Remember to boost your skin orally and topically with Vitamin C during the colder months.

Layer it on

As the temperature decreases, your skin's requirements differ. "During the winter, skin needs lipid-rich creams as a barrier against the elements.

"As the weather cools, the skin produces less oil, so the need for heavy creams is increased. Use a rich moisturiser to provide extra nourishment."

Even in winter, be sure to use protection to shield the skin from ageing and burning UV rays. Using a mineral powder is a greta way to get protection and keep your skin looking amazing.

Eliminate Toxins

During winter, our pasty complexions aren't just down to lack of sunlight. Sluggish circulation caused by blood vessels constricting in the cold could also be a culprit.

Any type of exercise can boost skin vitality by stimulating blood flow, which provides oxygen to the cells and helps eliminate inflammation-causing toxins.

Regular facial massage can also work wonders. Massaging the face for a few minutes a day can instantly reduce puffiness and banish dullness. "Using your middle and index finger, firmly massage the skin and underlying muscles in circles. Work upwards and outwards, starting at the chin and moving towards the forehead".

Do this for three minutes once a day, using facial oil.  Followed by using a soaked compress towel in water, press the moisture into the skin and follow with a night crème.  ( If you have a needling kit, use this prior to moisturizing) Your skin will feel so much better.

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