Sun Safe

Keeping the rays at bay

No one wants to end up looking like a dried prune! Sun safety – especially in New Zealand – is very important. Sun damaged skin is one of the hardest things for a therapist to treat, and can take a long time to correct.

Using sunscreen every single day is the biggest difference you can make long-term for your skin if you want to prevent sun damage. Environ’s Sun Care range offers both a sunscreen and a sun spray, and SPF protection specifically for the lips too.

 “Without fail, I use the C-Quence Toner and Eye Gel morning and night. I love that the toner seems to leave my skin feeling completely cleansed and refreshed, especially after exercise. And I always make sure I apply RAD for sun protection during the day. Environ suits me perfectly as I know it has real actives that are deeply penetrating and hydrating yet its light consistency means I’m not left with a thick, barrier like film on my skin.”

                -Kerry-Lee Dewing, actress, Shortland Street


The A,B,C,D,E and F of moles

Any one or more of these is a red light:

A – asymmetry (one half does not match the other)

B – border irregularity (raggedy edges, blotchy or blurred)

C – colour variation (mottled black, brown, tan, red or blue)

D – diameter of 6mm or more or sudden growth of a mole (size of an eraser at the back of a pencil)

E – elevation, evolutionary changes, or a mole that has enlarged

F – family history is important to consider because melanoma is not always sun related, but may be familial or gene linked. Family members of a patient with a malignant melanoma should be examined professionally each year.


New RAD Sun Spray

RAD Spray SPF25 is a medium protection broad spectrum spray sunscreen containing four different sunscreens with offer UVA and UVB protection. Antioxidants add to the powerful protection of this Sun Spray. Malt Secrets® contains ingredients that display excellent anti-ageing and antioxidant properties, as well as Vitamin E, Rosemary Leaf Extract and colourless carotenoids derived from tomatoes which have been scientifically proven to demonstrate an environmental stress reduction action as well as to help protect against free radical and sun damage.


How much sun exposure do we need?

Some unprotected sun exposure is important. “Your body needs ‘sensible’ sun exposure between 12pm and 3pl for the formation of Vitamin D” explains Dr Fernandes.

It is thought that Vitamin D may protect us from melanoma. That’s why intelligent sun exposure is so important. Worried you aren’t getting enough Vitamin D? Try a supplement such as Environ’s Vitamin A & D.

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