Environ Colostrum Gel - Review

Colostrum Gel is an integral and most popular product of the Environ Intensives Range. It's overall benefit is to enhance the immune function of the skin by strengthening, soothing and calming. It also assists in reducing the signs of aging. 

The main ingredient in Colostrum Gel is Colostrum, which is derived from Cows milk and has very similar components to Human Milk. Colostrum is also known as First Milk which is generated late in pregnancy by all mammals. It is designed to provide antibodies as disease protection for newborns during the first few days of life. It is extremely high in protein (the building blocks of life) and very low in fat.

The effects of using Colostrum gel are noticeable in a very short amount of time. It is suitable for ALL skin types including mature, sensitive and problematic skins. Other main ingredients are Vitamin C (Lightening and Brightening, assist in production of Collagen and Elastin) and Vitamin E (calming, soothing and healing properties).

I recently started using this after another staff member raved about it to everyone. I was unsure at first and wasn't a huge fan of the texture, but I persevered and I am SO glad I did! I was regularly getting bad breakouts on my chin, which left purple scars; I had a lot of redness on my lower cheeks and around my nose, as well as having a generally uneven skin texture. I have NONE of that now! I still get the occasional breakout, but it is healed in no time and doesn't leave a mark. My redness has almost completely gone, and my skin is now super smooth and even! Other products go on better, I wear a lot less make-up and find myself comfortable wearing none at all!

I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to combat pretty much any skin concern, or wants to add something simple and effective into their skincare routine.   


Environ Colostrum Gel is available in Salon only and retails for $89.95



  • Posted by Fabiana on

    I am obsessed with this product! I have been using for 3 weeks with the Vitamin c booster and my skin has changed! Is worth the money for sure!

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