It is so important to have a good daily skincare routine, as well as treating yourself once a week. Cleansing, Vitamins and Moisturising are the most important, but there are a few added extras you could sneak in there. Here is an overview of my Daily Skincare Regime.


Cleanse - I use Environ Cleansing Lotion as it is gentle and pH balanced, thus removing the need for a toner.

Tone - An optional step. My favourite is Environ Moisturising Toner as I have drier skin and the Vitamin B helps the rest of my products to absorb faster and more effectively

Eye Cream - I am currently using Environ C-Quence Eye Gel. I can really see the difference!

Vitamins - My current favourite is Environ Colostrum Gel. I have found it really helps to strengthen my skin and reduce both the formation and healing time of breakouts. It has also dramatically reduced the redness I used to have on my cheeks

Moisturiser - I like the Environ AVST Range. I have worked my way up, and once I hit #3, I could really start to see a difference

Sunblock - I have recently started using Environ's RAD SPF 15. I didn't think it was important to use a good sunscreen, but now that I am, I can really see the difference in the texture of my skin and how my skin looks throughout the day

I then like to wait at least 10 minutes before I put on any make-up. 




Removing Make-Up - I use Environ Eye Make-Up Remover and Pre-Cleansing Oil as they are great at breaking down foundation and mascara without having to scrub with a cleanser

Cleanse - Without fully washing off the pre-cleansers, I add in Environ Cleansing Lotion. This helps to get the last little bit of make-up off and remove all the dirt and impurities that have built up throughout the day

Tone - Again, this step is optional, however I repeat the use of Environ Moisturising Toner

Treat - I use Dermatech Microneedle kit before I apply anything else to my skin. It helps the products penetrate much deeper, allowing them to absorb 400% more than normal

Nourish - I use Revitalash in the evening to help keep my lashes full and luscious 

Eye Cream - I use Environ C-Quence Eye Gel again, but a little more liberally than I did in the morning

Vitamins - I use Environ Colostrum Gel again, and occasionally alternate with Aspect Dr Active C Serum to help keep my skin looking bright

Moisturiser - I use Environ AVST Range again


Skin Treatments:

Exfoliate: Twice a week I will use Dermatech Glycolic Cream as my night cream. The Glycolic Acid helps to break down the bonds between dead skin cells, allowing them to wash off in the morning

Hydrate: If my skin is feeling a little dry, I like to use Hydrating Oil Capsules from Environ. These are also great to take on holiday as they are in individual capsules that you pop open and apply to your skin, leaving it overnight

Treat: If I have a particularly pesky breakout, I use Environ Hydrating Exfoliant Mask as a spot treatment. I liberally apply to the affected area, and leave on overnight. It help to draw out impurities and calm any inflammation or redness. This is also a great mask to put all over as a calming treatment. I like to sit in the bath or sleep with it on as it doesn't dry tight and stiff.



If all of this is a little too much and you would prefer something simple, it is best to start of with the basics of a Cleanser, Moisturiser and Sun Block.


Once you get into a good routine, then you can start adding in an Eye Gel, Colostrum Gel and Revitalash before going on to the more treatment based products.  

It is a great idea to have a full Skin Analysis done to work out which products are best for your skin. Not all of these products will work the same for everyone, and your therapist will be able to steer you in the right direction. 

What are some of your holy grail products?

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