Dermapen - Tracy's Journey

Since our Derma Pen has (Finally) arrived, Tracy was eager to be first in line to test out this revolutionary new machine. See what she says about her first treatment:

Thursday 28th November 2013

On Wednesday I had my first Derma Pen Treatment, the first in a course of 6. We have been waiting for 3 months for the latest and newest machine to arrive, so it was very exciting for us when it finally got here. 

We were all very impressed at our training by the case studies that were presented to us. We thought you might like to follow my progress through my course, which will be updated weekly on our Blog.

My main area of concern is pigmentation on my left cheek, lines around my eyes and lips along with deeper lines on my decollete. 

My Experience

The procedure can be painful, so I was pleased that the area being treated was numbed with a topical anaesthetic. The cream is applied after cleansing, and left of for 15-20 minutes pre-treatment. 
I had my entire face, neck and decollete treated, with localised stamping in the areas on concern. The treatment was very comfortable and MUCH less painful that IPL.
My skin felt warm after the numbing cream was applied, however this subsided after about 5 minutes.
I was surprised by the level of bleeding, and equally surprised that once wiped away with a sterile saline solution, the area did not continue to bleed. 
My treatment was completed with a Clearlight Red Light Therapy in order to promote healing and calm down redness afterwards. 
My face was red and a bit sore for the rest of the day. This morning I woke up and my decollete was still a little swollen and the pigment area treated on my cheek was a little red, otherwise my skin had settled and felt amazing! I covered the areas with my Jane Iredale Pressed Base and was ready for work. 
Friday night I will return to my normal skincare routine, including the use of my needle kit. 
I do recommend watching the video on our website showing an animation of the treatment, as I found this really helpful. 
Tracy Ahern

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