• Revitalash Christmas Gift
  • Revitalash Christmas Gift

Revitalash Christmas Gift

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A proprietary blend of functional cosmetic ingredients to enhance the appearance of your natural eyelashes. Revitalash utilises the power of peptides and soothing botanicals to condition and nourish eyelashes with the result being a more elegant, lush and luxurious appearance. Applied once a day, you will be able to see the magic after 1 week, with full results apparent after 6 weeks.

Christmas Gift - Spotlight Highlighting Pencil

How to Apply Spotlight Highlighting Pencil
Option 1: Apply to brow bone and lightly blend to give a youthful lift.
Option 2: Apply to inner corner of the eye to decrease darkness and bring the eyes for ward.
Option 3: Apply between the lash line and eyebrow as base or shadow.
Option 4: Apply to cheek bone to give a red carpet glow.
Option 5: Apply to bottom center of the lip for a full, pouty lip.