• Rejuvenate Me 💦
  • Rejuvenate Me 💦

Rejuvenate Me 💦



Experience nature's own ORGANIC exfoliation with this perfect Autumn 🍂 pick me up.

✨Relax, unwind and let the tensions slip away with our 60 minute Full Body experience.

✨Restore your body with this unique exfoliating and hydrating treatment using a synergistic blend of raw cane sugar (contains nature's own AHA’s) and antioxidant-rich oils.

✨ The sensory experience for the body that includes an application of rich coconut body butter will leave skin smooth and vibrant.

✨ This unique blend of body treatments, rejuvenates dry tired ageing skin instantly and improves the skin's ability to hold moisture, leaving skin visibly soft, smooth, fresh, and glowing.

For $129 You Will Receive

💥 Head Massage

💥 Full Body Exfoliation

💥 Full Body Hydrating Mask

💥 Full Body Wrap

💥 Facial LED Light Therapy

Only $129

Valued at $189

You Save $60