Skin Tight RF

Do you have skin with structural damage, wrinkles and sagging? Need some skin rejuvenation? Christchurch's leading clinic offers skin tightening RF technology.


Aged skin with structural damage in the form of wrinkles and sagging, detachment of the skin from the bone, muscle loss (sagging of skin at jaw line), loss of elasticity of the skin due to over-exposure to the sun and ageing. 

Advanced Skin Analysis.
E-LITE  advance RF technology we perform the treatment in the areas of concern, resulting in regeneration of collagen and even skin tone and discolouration.
The advanced cooling system in the E-LITE  RF head makes this treatment more comfortable, reduces redness, scabbing and scaling.
You will need 4 -6 treatments all 2 weeks apart, this is because 14 days after the process collagen production is at its highest. The subsequent treatments then re-boost the collagen levels for maximum results.

Tightening of the muscles and re-attachment of muscle to bones will reduce the appearance of sagging and encourage regeneration in this area for management of future ageing.
Fine lines will be diminished and deep lines reduced.
A course of treatments will freshen your skin leaving you with a youthful appearance.

Requirements to achieve skin rejuvenation

Pre Treatment -  Skin Analysis and use of ASPECTS serum suited to your skin condition, and a dermal needle roller to start the production on new collagen, one week prior to treatment.
Post Treatment - ENVIRON “Rad” sunblock and continued use of your ASPECTS prescribed serum and dermal needle roller until the serum has been fully used.