Lipomassage Body Shaping

Improve the Appearance of Fat and Firm

Use LIPOMASSAGE to improve the appearance of stubborn fat that is resistant to physical exercise and dieting. After six, fourty minute sessions you will start to notice visible results on your figure.

LIPOMASSAGE is a 100% natural slimming technique. LPG ROLL (exclusive patents) actions trigger intensive biological responses to improve the appearance of resistant cellulite and to stimulate collagen and elastin production.


Slimming activation and targeted firmness

Slim down fat cells
LPG's mechanical ROLL stimulation triggers deep biological responses and thus reactivates the appearance of fat.
Smooth cellulite / Resculpt the figure
LPG's mechanical Roll stimulation can soften fatty tissues, reactivate circulation and smooth dimpled skin.
 Firm the skin
LPG ROLLS act at the core of the fibroblast and activate the production of these essential support fibers (collagen and elastin).


What happens in a LPG LIPOMASSAGE program

Step 1: Assessment Step 2: Treatment Step 3: Monitoring Results
This first step helps to:

 - Determine your objectives;

- Realize a photographic evaluation;

- Choose the most appropriate treatment

After having put on your ENDERMOWEAR (personal and opaque clothing specific to LIPOMASSAGE), you will comfortably settle on the treatment table. You are off for 45 minutes of relaxation and circulation stimulation.

During your LIPOMASSAGE program, several assesments will enable to monitor your results according to the objectives set. At the end of your program, optimization sessions (one per month) will consolidate and maintain your results! Think about it!


How to get Optimal Results  from your Lipomassage program

If you follow the Endermologie Lipomassage Protocol you will ensure you achieve your maximum results.  While diet and exercise alone have little effect on the elasticity of connective tissue fibers under the skin which are responsible for the ripples and dimples caused by cellulite, a healthy diet , regular exercise and drinking lots of water is recommended to achieve the best results.


We recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise where you sweat, within 6 hours after your treatment. This will increase the effectiveness of each treatment.


Healthy Diet

While undergoing treatments, drink at least 2-3 liters (8 to 12-8 oz glasses) of water per day. Water helps to flush away toxins and it is very important to drink it for best results. 

For at least six hours after your treatment we also recommend that you drink plenty of water and avoid the following food groups to enhance your treatments:

  • Carbohydrates -  avoid potatoes, pasta, rice, pumpkin, potato chips
  • Sugar -  including fruit juice and fruit 
  • Alcohol


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