Collagen Induction With Dermapen

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What is Collagen Induction?

Collagen Induction Therapy with Dermapen (also known as micro-needling) is the process that naturally stimulates collagen and elastin production in the skin without damaging it. Your body will start to naturally regenerate and repair the skin, working below the surface in the dermis, the result is the formation of progressive growth cycle consisting of collagen production, development of capillaries supported by collage, fresh blood supply (nutrients and oxygen), and further production of collagen.

Micro-needling triggers a cascade of growth factors production, these growth factors cause formation of new blood vessels, stimulating critical new blood flow to the dermis. The therapy is effective in treating wrinkles, sags, acne scars, pregnancy stretch marks, and sun damaged skin.

Micro-needling is a great anti-ageing, stretch mark and pigmentation solution which is incredibly effective even for hormonal pigmentation and old stretch-marks, some of the hardest skin issues to treat. Micro-needling is best used together with other treatments, such as the AVT facials, peels and Light therapy, and is also a great homecare tool.

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Dr Des Fernandes, founder of Envrion™ Skin Care at the PSB stockist conference in 2012, Auckland, New Zealand

The Science

Micro-needling is a natural way to improve the appearance of the skin and reverse the signs of ageing. The treatment works on:

  • Acne scars
  • Pigmentation
  • Age spots
  • Wrinkles
  • Scarring
  • Stretch marks

Micro-needling therapy provides advanced skin micro-surgical needling, a procedure that stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally and safely, creating smoother, brighter, healthier, younger-looking skin.

The principle behind the Micro-needling is stimulating cell renewal and new collagen, without damaging the epidermis. The treatment uses 190 very fine needles designed to achieve a ‘controlled injury’ to the skin without damage. The needles create micro-channels into the deeper skin layers resulting in an increased absorption of the active ingredients into the skin from products used after the Pure Roller is applied.

As the skin repairs itself, new collagen is deposited in the papillary dermis, plumping the skin from underneath, to smooth out wrinkles fine lines and indented scars. The skins strength, collagen and elastin are improved for a rejuvenated, smooth and youthful complexion.

Regular treatments result in a firmer, smoother and more youthful skin.

Does it hurt?

The treatment is not painful as a topical anaesthetic is applied for needle lengths over 0.5mm, minimising any discomfort and allowing you the best possible results. There is little to no downtime, with the main possible side effect being skin redness, which will die down after a few hours.

What results can I expect?

After Micro-needling therapy treatment your body will start to naturally regenerate and repair the skin, working below the surface in the dermis. This takes time as new collagen and elastin is formed, new skin cells are regenerated and blood supply is enhanced. It can take up to 6 weeks before visible signs of regeneration and repair are seen and this will continue over the following months, providing you with gradual and long lasting enhancement.

How many treatments are recommended?

We normally recommend a series of three treatments with approximately 6 weeks between them. In the treatment of acne scars and other types of scarring it may be necessary that the client has up to 5 treatments.

Are there any side effects?

Immediately after the treatment yours skin will look as though you have moderate sunburn and it may feel warm and tighter than usual. This will start to subside after 1 to 2 hours and will normally recover within the same day with only slight redness the following day. There are other minor possible side effects and these will be discussed at your consultation.

Should anyone avoid this treatment?

The treatment should be avoided by anyone:

  • with skin cancer
  • who is allergic to local anaesthetic
  • on chemotherapy, radiotherapy or high doses of corticosteroids
  • with a history of keloid scars
A great DIY Homecare tool!

To maximize the effects of our skin care treatments, we recommend the use of micro-needling at home to continue the creation of collagen and elastin over time. The roller creates tiny holes in your epidermis, the outer layer of skin, which allow vitamins and nutrients to be absorbed deeper into the skin as opposed to just being applied to the surface.

Micro needling Guideline

Here are our three simple homecare tips on micro-needling
Step 1: Cleanse and Tone

It is important to have clean skin before using the microneedle kit. It will not only reduce the risk of infection between uses, it will also prevent any make-up and daily dirt from penetrating the skin through the tiny holes you are creating. This will allow the products you put on afterwards to be the only thing that deeply penetrates, which is exactly what you want to happen.

Step 2: Create Channels

This is where you actually use the microneedle kit. It is best to roll in 3 directions, always using a one-stroke movement. You will need to roll vertically, horizontally and diagonally doing the entire face in sections. You may go around the eyes and lips, but be very gentle. A firm pressure must be used in order to create the channels, however it shouldn’t feel uncomfortable.

Step 3: Recover and Protect

 After you have fully completed the rolling across your entire face, it is time to apply product. Vitamin C is the best type of vitamin to use as it has so many good uses. Vitamin C is required for the new growth of Collagen and Elastin, so topically applying it allows your own cells to create these anti-aging wonders more readily. Vitamin C is also a great antioxidant as well as a skin brightener. It helps reduce the effects of sun damage, and also leaves the skin healthy and radiant by protecting against further UVA and UVB damage.
Microneedling can be done 3-4 times per week on the face and more on other areas. You are also able to perform lighter treatments daily to treat stretch marks or scarring. Improvements can be expected in aging skin, fine wrinkles, acne scarring, stretch marks and open pores.